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Myself Shintu Cherian, I am the current owner of Coconut Oil Love. Coconut Oil Love is a movement to spread the love for coconut oil. Also aiming to provide the best & pure extra virgin coconut oil which is entirely made by using traditional method. I purposely said that, 'pure extra virgin coconut oil'. Because, while I was searching internet, I saw that almost everyone selling coconut oil by saying extra virgin coconut oil. But when we look at their Coconut Oil Making Process, it consist of more processes than ours. Also, at some point the product is exposed to some kind of heat. Then I was wondering, how can they claim that the coconut oil they are selling is extra virgin. Only pure extra virgin coconut oil can provide you best coconut oil benefits. That made me think, and I decided to spread the love and truth about coconut oil. Now I am selling, one of a kind 100% pure extra virgin coconut oil online.

 shintu cherian

Now let's talk about us. As I said beafore, I am Shintu Cherian. I am from Kerala, which is a state in India also the biggest producer of coconut in India. India is the third-largest coconut producer in the world. Coconut Oil Love is a family-owned business that started in the 1960s by my great grandfather. Initially, he used to make pure coconut oil for our own uses. Later he started making coconut oil for business purposes. Generations passed, now I am looking after this business. More than a business I would like to call this as a movement, to spread the love for coconut oil. That is why recently I named this to Coconut Oil Love, to provide Coconut Oil Online. Earlier there wasn't any name for this business, as we used to sell coconut oil from our home. Still, we use the traditional cold-press process to make pure coconut oil. Our extra virgin coconut oil making process is very minimal and time-consuming. After the 1990s, until now we use only one machine on our entire process to produce coconut oil, which is a pressing machine to squeeze the coconut oil from dried Kopra. Rest everything done by hand. Our coconut drying method is still old school, which is sun drying. With all these methods used we can call our coconut oil, the pure coconut oil or extra virgin coconut oil.



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