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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Pure Coconut Oil, Best for Skin, Face, Hair & Cooking

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Best one of kind Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or Pure Coconut Oil ever available online. The only Coconut Oil Online, made with traditional & natural making process. 100% cold pressed coconut oil from Kerala, biggest producer of coconut in India. Family owned, Since 1960s. So we know, what we are saying, what we are making. 


  • 100% pure coconut oil, organic & natural
  • Made using 60yr old traditional methods
  • Perfect for Skin, Face, Hair & Cooking
  • Best for baby use
  • Improves metabolism & immunity
  • Prevent hair fall & strengthens hair
  • Improves brain function
  • Best for high temperature cooking

Coconut Oil Benefits

  • Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids
  • Coconut oil protects your skin from UV rays
  • Coconut oil increases your metabolism
  • Safely cook at high temperatures using coconut oil
  • Coconut oil relieves skin irritations and eczema
  • MCT in the coconut oil can Improve Brain Function
  • Coconut oil can fight against Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Coconut oil can be the best skin moisturizer
  • Antibacterial properties inside virgin coconut oil online may help fight infections
  • Coconut oil increases your ‘Good’ HDL cholesterol
  • Coconut oil protects your hair from damage
  • Coconut oil reduces inflammation and improves wound healing & burns

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Details explained here are mainly based on journal literature published at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). 


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Processing Temperature


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Coconut Oil Love

Rich in aroma, delicate and very good consistency and color


Below 30 C

Fresh coconut dried with traditional sun drying process to keep the temperture below 30 C. Dried coconut then pressed by expeller to extract pure coconut oil
Virgin Coconut Oil made with coconut milk

Mild aroma and taste. Water like consistency


Upto 50 C

Coconut meat is made into milk. The milk is spun in a centrifuge to extract the oil

Virgin Coconut Oil made by expeller method using mechanial drying process

Slightly strong aroma of roasted coconuts, thicker consistency and slight discoloring


Drying Process may go upto 70-75 C

Fresh coconut meat ground into powder form and dried in a hot air dryer. Dried coconut meat is pressed by expeller to extract oil